Titanium Anodizing

Titanium anodizeTitanium anodizing provides the advantages of hardening and coloring the surface of titanium components without altering the surface properties of the metal. By precisely specifying the surface oxide level, an entire range of colors can be produced. The resulting anodize colors are achieved without any dies or coatings, therefore the surface properties remain unchanged, making the part suitable for biomedical applications.

The titanium anodize process combined with passivization produces implant grade cleanliness, while colors provide for product identification. The process also improves the fatigue strength of the titanium, with minimal dimensional change. Although titanium anodize is primarily used in the medical industry, there is an increasing interest in the consumer, aerospace and high-tech markets.

AMF processes in accordance with AMS 2488C offering Colors and Type II, or per customer specification.

Advantages of Titanium Color Anodize:
• Large color spectrum
• Product identification
• Clean, Passive surface
• Bio-compatible

Advantages of Titanium Type II Anodize:
• Anti-galling
• Lubrication
• Increased resistance to galvanic corrosion
• Clean, passive surface
• Bio-compatible